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Image Color Profiles and Your Site
Posted by Jamie on 15 January 2009 02:22 PM

If you are experiencing your images being washed out, too bright, too dark, dull, off color, ect when uploading them to your site, it is mostly likely due to a color profile issue within the image itself.

The most common issue is the color profile CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) is being used rather than RGB (Red, Green, Blue). The RGB color profile that is most web friendly is sRGB. CMYK is a color profile that is print specific. Printers have a wider range of color then your electronic screen that only recognizes 3 colors. If you upload an image to your site that is using CMYK, rather than RGB, the image will appear oversaturated and very oddly colored. Another color profile to avoid when publishing images to the web is "Adobe RGB 1998". This color profile tends to either wash out the colors of an image or tint them a blue or green color when publishing the image to the web.

***We highly recommend that all images have the sRGB color profile before they are uploaded to the web.***

You can use this generic RGB color profile file in photoshop and most other image editing programs. Download it free here!

Here are some links to tutorials found on the web that will assist in making sure that you get the most out of your images when publishing them to the web:

This link is a great tutorial on preparing your images for the web:

This link gives great information regarding the saturation of color and how to best optimize saturation in .jpg files:

This wikipedia article discusses color management:

Hybrid Flash Template users, if you notice that your images are appearing pixelated when publishing them to your site, this could be caused by the setting "Image Quality when resized by admin". This setting can be found in the "Edit General Settings/Colors" section located on the middle tab of the sitezadmin. We recommend that this setting be set somewhere between 85 and 100 for best photo quality.

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