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Setting up a Mini Client Site
Posted by Jamie on 25 September 2008 07:34 PM


These instructions apply ONLY to Generation I Hybrid Flash templates, and Traditional Blog templates (Retired)


1. Under the EDIT SITE MENU AND SECTION CONTENT tab click on the Edit Clients icon in the second row.

2. Click on the Add Client icon to the right of the blue question mark at the top of the page. This will bring up a form that you will need to fill out for that particular client. Once you enter the clients information make sure to save the new client info.

3. Once the client is entered an individual client line will appear with the clients name/email/event date. On that client line four icons will appear under the menu heading. Click on the wrench and screwdriver icon next to the clients name, when you scroll over this icon it will say View/Edit Client Site Settings.

4.  The page that comes up will have two icons at the top, one will say Click Here to view Website and the other will say Click Here to view Website Admin. On this page you will also seea place to reset the Clients username and password and also set an expiration date for the site. Setting an expiration will help keep your bandwidth usage and space within the quota but it also must be set to view the front end of the site.

5. Click on 'Click Here to view Website Admin' to start editing the site.

6. This will bring up a login page; enter the clients username and password you set up.

7. From here you will enter an admin that looks much like your own.  Edit it, adding you clients information.

8. To view the site you can either click on the binoculars icon or go back to your own admin and click the Click here to view Website icon. This will also show you the link you can give to you clients.




** NOTE: This site is a combination of features we offer to you. The design will not look exactly as yours does.


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