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Edit Clients - Proofing Option for Shopping Cart Templates
Posted by - NA - on 23 September 2008 07:46 PM

The first step to setting up the proofing on your site is to enter your clients into your admin. The following steps should be taken to setup each client.


1. Under the "EDIT SITE MENU AND SECTION CONTENT" tab click on the "Edit Clients" icon in the second row.

2. Click on the "Add Client" icon to the right of the blue question mark at the top of the page. This will bring up a form that you will need to fill out for that particular client. Once you enter the client's information make sure to save the new client info.

3. Once the client is entered an individual client line will appear with the client's name/email/event date. On that client line four icons will appear under the "menu" heading. Click on the camera icon to bring up that clients gallery section.

4. At the top of client gallery page "SET CLIENT PROOFING ACTIVE" must be checked off in order for the gallery to show up on your site.

5. Next, you must insert an image by using the "Browse" button. This will be the image that comes up when the client enters their gallery.

6. In the "Client Password" box you must enter a unique password for each client. This will give them permission to enter into proofing through your site, by entering the password given to them when prompted.

7. Below you will find a text editor box which you can use if you wish to have text present.

8. Click "Update Client Proofing Information" before you proceed to ensure all client information has been saved.

9. Next, click on the "Add Gallery" icon. This icon is shown above the gallery box with a plus sign.

10. Here you will be prompted to setup a gallery name and insert an image that correlates with that particular gallery. An image must be uploaded with each new gallery name! Save the changes and the picture will then be cropped and added to the gallery box.

11. The gallery will now appear on its own line with a name and description if you desire. You can add a description by clicking under the "Gallery Description" heading and inserting the text into that box. Make sure that all galleries are set to green or "visible" so they can be viewed through your site.

12. Next, click on the icon that has the green arrow under the "menu" heading in order to begin uploading the images for that gallery. Gallery Name Example: Infants

13. Once you click on the "Infants" menu icon you will proceed to the page where you upload all the infant images.

14. Make sure to "SET GALLERY VISIBLE" at the top of the page, set a default section color, and then save the changes you made by clicking on "Update Gallery Information."

15. Lastly, add and upload the images into the box at the top of the page. Click "Add files," once they show up in the box you must "Upload files."They will then appear in the larger box below. You must add and upload each file that you want to appear in your gallery.

16. Once the image appears in the larger "Image" box you can adjust colors for each image on each individual line by clicking on the colored box or the paint pallet. When all images have been uploaded into this box, make sure to click on "Save image order/color changes" at the bottom of the page.

These steps are needed for each additional client and also for those clients that have multiple galleries. We recommend that each gallery contain only up to 100 images so that loading problems are not experienced. Splitting up customer galleries is a good way to work around this issue if more images are needed. Also, when uploading images make sure there are not any spaces or special characters in the file names such as: (@#$%^&*) This can cause issues when uploading images to a gallery.

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