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Instructions for Your Clients, How to Use the Shopping Cart
Posted by Jamie on 03 September 2008 07:46 PM

**NOTE: This article applies to Generation I templates ONLY**


This is for you to share with your clients. Feel free to copy and paste it into an email to them and edit it as you see fit. =)



1) Login into the Clients/Proofing page using the password given to you

2) Select a gallery

3) Go through your slideshow.

I. You can add the images to Favorites by clicking Add to Favorites on the bottom left hand corner of the Image.

II. You can also add the image directly to your cart by clicking Add to Cart on the bottom right hand corner of the image.

i. This will bring up a product menu where you can decide what size or package you would like the image to be in by entering the quantity next to the product.

ii. Be sure to click Save Selections to Cart so it will appear in your cart when you are done.

4) If you added to favorites, you can save your favorites and come back later to order or you can add to your cart right from your favorites gallery.

I. To save your favorites:

i. Scroll over the favorites icon in the menu on the bottom left corner of the page. The phrase Show only favorites should appear.

ii. Beneath the Favorites Icon 2 other icons will appear.The one on the left is the option to save your favorites gallery, click on it.

iii. Click on the circle next to Create New User/Login and fill out the rest of the form.

iv. When you are finished, click Save Favorites.Your favorites have been saved should appear and you will receive a confirmation email that will give you your username and password for logging back into your favorites gallery.

v. Click the X on the top right hand corner to go back to your gallery.

II. To load your saved favorites:

i. If you leave the page and come back, you can load your favorites by logging back into your proofing and selecting the gallery again.

ii. Scroll over the favorites icon, this time click on the icon that appears to the right of where you saved your gallery.It will say Load saved favorites.

iii. Type in the email address, username and password you used when saving the gallery.

iv. Click Load Favorites and it should say Favorites have been loaded successfully.

v. Click the X on the top right hand corner and click the favorites icon.Your favorites should appear.

5) If you opt to go with a package in the product list when adding to your cart, you should first add the images you would like to use in the package to your favorites.Then use the following instructions.

I. Click on the package icon, it is the last one on the right.

II. The left side of the window will have the favorites you chose.The right side will have the products included in the package with an empty box representing the number of images you are allowed in that package.

III. Click on the image you would like to add to the package and drag it into an empty box under the size you would like.You can pick the images for each slot in your package by doing this.To delete an image simply replace it with another.

IV. If you chose to add multiple packages to your cart you can select the other packages by clicking on the name of the package at the top of right hand side of the window.

V. When you are done, click Done Editing Packages

6) To purchase or place your order, go to the shopping cart icon, it will say Show items in cart.

I. You will see the product you chose on the left and your total on the right.

II. Select how you would like to receive your order.You can either have it shipped for a fee or you can pick-up the order.

III. Enter any coupon codes you may have received and click Apply Coupon You should see the discount appear immediately.

IV. Click Continue with Order

V. Fill out the form and any special instructions you may have for your order and click Place Order.Your order has been placed successfully should appear in the window. You will receive a confirmation of your order and your photographer will contact you on how to remit payment.




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