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there are 'File does not exist:' error messages in the error log - favicon.ico and 404.shtml
Posted by Jen on 23 June 2008 08:17 PM
These error messages can be misleading, there is nothing broken on the site and these do not indicate any problems with clients attempting to view your site. The favicon error occurs when someone adds your site to their favorites. All it means is that the browser attempted to find a favicon and couldn't. A favicon is an image that is added to the side of your link in favorites. It is not necessary to have, and not even common. No error is shown to the client at all. The second error is stating that a 404 'page not found' page is not available. Again, the client does not see this at all. You can add a custom 404 'page not found' page through your CPanel.
Adding custom error page:
1. log into your CPanel with the link ( or the server address such as and the username and password in your welcome email
2. go to the bottom under the header 'advanced'
3. select error pages
4. select your domain name
5. select the custom error page you'd like to edit
6. add a message and/or html to create the .shtml page
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