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How do I update the background in Frida?
Posted by Jen on 12 June 2008 07:38 PM

Below are some of the ways you can set a background in Frida.

Solid Background Color:

- uncheck 'background change to section color'
- change 'background opacity' to 100%
- change background color to desired color

Color Changing Background:
- check 'background change to section color'
- adjust background opacity as desired

Solid pattern/design over color changing background:
- check 'background change to section color'
- upload .png with transparent background
- select background image type (fixed width, stretched, tiled) as desired
- adjust background opacity as desired

For optimal site loading all images uploaded should be under 150k. For tiled images it is best to tile an image that is at least 600x600. It may be worth tiling it a bit in photoshop to create a bigger tile image to start with. If your site animation appears sluggish on some computers it could be because of the background. In this case we recommend downsizing the background (kb wise) or creating it so that there isn't a background pattern behind where the images fade in and out.

There is no exact size because it all depends on the browser window and what resolution the visitor who is viewing your site has. There can be a crop margin on the large background image to ensure it covers the full background. This crop will be different on each computer because of the different shapes and sizes the browser window can be. If the image has a hard edge we recommend taking it into photoshop and feathering out the edge so that the harsh sides fades nicely into the background color. That will also make any extra background space around the background image look more natural.
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