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Posted by Sarah on 06 March 2014 11:24 AM

As of Flexsitez plugin version 1.9 Flexsitez Layouts Settings are available.  The Flexible Excerpt Layout allows different styles to apply to standard blog roll (list of blog posts), category, monthy, or tag archives and search listings. These new layouts rely on the featured images in each blog post and excerpts.

These are the configuration options for the 4th Option- "Images only with text on hover". To edit the Flexible Layout Settings,  in the Flexsitez Admin (Wordress menu>Flexsitez), select the theme you wish to edit, click the "Flexsible Excerpt Layout Settings" button under Wordpress Stylings heading. 

Select the forth excerpt layout option, "Images only" and select the pages to apply this layout.


1. Fade Opacity -  This is amount on hover that the thumbnails will fade. Setting to 100 will not fade the thumbnail on hover.

2. Listing Options
Show post title and post date.
Show first and second custom lines (added to each post-helpful for shortened titles).
Show Title and Excerpt (if entered or shortened automatic text)
Show Title and Manual Excerpt (only if added manually, otherwise no excerpt)

*Sets what lines to show. If the second option is selected and there are no values for the lines, it will default to post title or date. To add custom lines to each post, edit the post and scroll to the "Category Options" (just above the featured image). Here you can enter only the first or second lines or both. This is especially helpful to use for shortened Titles.

3. Override Excerpt Length - The default length is set to 40 characters. To override this setting, enter a number value.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very important to consider how large the thumbnails will be and to adjust excerpt length accordingly. Long excerpts may extend beyond the height of the thumbnail.

Featured thumbnails are required for this layout setting to display a thumbnail image.  Uploading a medium image will work best so that it can resize properly based on configurations. A featured image that is too small may resize bigger and be blurry.

4. Number of rows per page

5. Number of columns- This is the number of excerpt columns (width of each will be sized down to fit the area as needed).

6. View More Text - **This is the link text to click to view more of the posts. Continue Reading ? is default. Change to View Full Post» . Copy the character not the code. More help on available special characters can be found here


7. Layout Border Size -Setting this greater than 0 will place a border around the entire excerpt. A setting of 0 means no border. It is not recommended to have a border and a shadow.

7a. Use a double border - True is a double line instead of a single line around the excerpt

8. Select Border Color

9. Layout Shadow Options - Image Shadow or No Shadow

Shadow Horizontal Offset - ** Positive means the shadow will be on the right, negative to the left

10.Shadow Vertical Offset - ** Positive means the shadow will be above, negative above

Shadow Blur Radius - ** More positive means the shadow will be a softer line; a value of 0 the shadow will be sharp. (Depending on the value here the padding and margin may need to be increased to accomodate the shadow)

12. Select Shadow Color


13. Padding Size - * *thickness in pixels of the padding between excerpt item columns and rows. If using a larger shadow, this value may need to be adjusted higher

14. Margin to Content Size:* thickness in pixels of the margin between excerpt content to border (and between dual border)(where applicable


First Line Styling:
15. Font: -(font used for the first line- usually title

16. Font Size

Second Line Styling:
18. Font - font used for the second line(s) - usually excerpt

19. Font Size


21. Layout Crop or Masonry
Cropped- This setting produces a cropped IMAGE layout. All images will be the same 3:2 ratio and cropped to fit.

Masonry - This setting produces a masonry grid/pinterest style layout. All images will be resized to alloted area keeping the image ratio intact. Each item may have a vertical image or horizontal image and arranged to best fit. To best acheive this look, featured images should vary.

22. Default Thumb Image
*This image will be used for posts with no images in the post. For best viewing, upload an image the same width/height as thumbnail image size.

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