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Posted by Sarah on 06 March 2014 08:19 AM

As of Flexsitez plugin version 1.9 Secondary Menu is supported. To change the settings for the Secondary Menu and the Menu Holder (the wrapper around both menus),  in the Flexsitez Admin (Wordress menu>Flexsitez), select the theme you wish to edit, click the "menu Settings" button under Content Settings heading. 

Menu Holder settings are only applicable if the position (location) of both the menu areas are the same (ie. both set to bottom or both set to top). Addtionally, both menu areas must be set to fixed (moves with the browser) or scroll (stays in one place). 

The settings for the Secondary Menu are exactly the same as the main menu with one exception, no per menu item image settings at this time.  Please see the menu KB article for a full list of settings and further explanation.

To use add a secondary menu, under the Wordpress Admin>Appearance>Menus create (or select) a menu to act as the secondary menu. Click to "theme locations" change the theme location to secondary or  under the tab "Manage Locations" . More help on how to create menus and change menu locations can be found at -

These are settings for the Menu Holder.

1) Top Border Size- setting the border to 0 will have no border

Top Border Color

3) Bottom Border Size - setting the border to 0 will have no border

Bottom Border Color

5) Menu Background Image- upload a background image that will span both menu areas

6) Background Type - fixed or tiled options. None - will show no image even if one is uploaded.

7) Horizontal Image Align - how the image is horizontally positioned

8) Vertical Image Align - how the image is vertically positioned

9) Menu Background Placement - how the image is set relative to the content area. Useful to have a repeating image the width of the browser or an image to extend past the content area.

Within Content Area
Outside Content Area-Full Browser Width
Outside Content Area-Image Width

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