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Posted by Sarah on 06 March 2014 07:51 AM

As of Flexsitez plugin version 1.9 Flexsitez Layouts Settings are available.  The Flexible Excerpt Layout allows different styles to apply to standard blog roll (list of blog posts), category, monthy, or tag archives and search listings. These new layouts rely on the featured images in each blog post and excerpts.

These are the configuration options for the 2nd Option - "Excerpt no thumbnails". To edit the Flexible Layout Settings,  in the Flexsitez Admin (Wordress menu>Flexsitez), select the theme you wish to edit, click the "Flexsible Excerpt Layout Settings" button under Wordpress Stylings heading. 

Select "Excerpt no thumbnails" and the pages to apply the layout.

NOTE: All pages not selected will default to the category layout settings that are selected for the layout options #2 (Excerpt Listing with featured thumbnails) regardless of the category layout selection. If category archives is selected to show the excerpt layout, the category layout options will be overriden only for the category archive pages.

1) Override Auto Excerpt Length - if you would like the text to be shorter or longer than the default of 55 words.

2) Use Post Icon and Decorative Title Image (where applicable) in Excerpt Listing - if there is a post date icon and/or a decorative title image and you do not wish for these to show, set this to FALSE, otherwise TRUE will show the images.

3) Number of Excerpts per page - This will override the main Wordpress setting of "posts per page".

4) View More Text - This is the link text to click to view more of the posts. Continue Reading ? is default. Change to View Full Post» . Copy the character not the code. More help on available special characters can be found here

5) Show Share Links below Excerpt Listing - Setting to true, will show the 4 share links (twitter, facebook, comment, and feed) that visitors can use to share with other. This setting only applies to Flexsitez built in icons.

6) Use MAIN Post Divider Image in Excerpt Listing - Set this to true to have the post divider image between excerpts. False to show no divider or to upload a separate excerpt divider.

7) OPTIONAL: Divider Image - If FALSE above you can upload a divider image different from the main image or none at all.

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