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Flexsitez - Theme downloaded doesn't look like example
Posted by Sarah on 17 February 2014 07:53 AM

One of the really great features of the Flexsitez Professional Photo Blog is the ability to download as many themes as you want for free and have mutliple themes saved to switch back and forth if you want! :)

To download a theme, please review this article:

After downloading a new theme and reviewing the theme, it may not look exactly like the screenshot or the example online (all examples can be found on the website: Don't get discouraged! There are a few common reasons for this:

1) Menu items are different - The examples are set up with less/more menu items that what currently exists on your blog. This is because the theme download does not change the Wordpress Admin settings, only the Flexsitez settings. This means that some menu settings may need to be adjust to work with the number of menu items you have. To edit the menu settings - Flexsitez Admin>under the Content Settings (*second section)>Menu Settings. Some settings to adjust may be #14-16 "Margins", #17 "Button Spacing".

2) There are custom images or styles that need to be "refreshed" to view properly - The themes use a naming system for the custom images to show properly on the front using the ID of the image; often this ID is different on your theme. In order to view the images properly, the CSS or style must be refreshed. To do this, save anywhere in the Flexsitez Admin (for example, click on the  "Background Settings" - make no changes and click "save".) This will refresh the style!

3) The fonts are not correct - The fonts shown in the examples are not transferrable at this time, unfortunately. However, all themes have an about page which provide a direct link to the font to download. This can then be uploaded to the Flexsitez Fonts. We are working on an update to transfer the fonts with the theme which will be available shortly.

4) Nothing is saving in the admin, it is not working correctly - Sometimes an upgrade or a download can go awry causing the admin to be missing values/settings or not save. Often, the front view looks very, very off (no images or style). When this happens, please contact so we can review the issue and fix it for you!

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