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Creating a Drop Down Menu text section
Posted by Jamie on 16 January 2008 08:57 PM

*** Please Note: Drop down menus are only available for text sections - Gallery drop down menus are unavailable at this time ***

Text Sections can be a little complicated because we give you the option to have Arrow Navigation or a Drop Down Menu. 

The Drop Down Menu option will create a site menu button but when it is rolled over it other buttons will appear.  For example if your site menu button is  Info  you can put the sub menu buttons like   About Me ,  Investment , and  Equipment.

  1. Click on the Edit Text Sections Icon under the Edit Site Menu and Section Content tab
  2. In the Button Name prompt enter the button name as you want it to appear on your site menu
  3. Choose Drop Down Menu by clicking on the circle next to it
  4. Click on Add Info Section

    add section screenshot

  5. You should see it appear in the box below with the correct Button Name and the Navigation Type should say 'menu'.  If it does not appear clear your cache and refresh your admin, if it still is not appearing submit a ticket so we can see where the error is occurring.
  6. You can either make the button visible on your site menu now or you can wait until you are finished.  Either way to set the visibility click on the red button under visibility to make it green and select Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.
  7. To continue on, select the icon in-between the visibility button and the delete button.  It is a green arrow pointing to an open folder. This opens the area where you will set all the buttons you want under the site menu button.

    edit section screenshot

  8. Enter the button name and select Add Page.  Do this for all of the buttons you want under the site menu button

    add page screenshot

  9. Set the visibility to green and click on the icon with the green arrow pointing to a page again and this will open another page where you can enter your content

    edit page screenshot

  10. Set the page as visible and set your Page Color
  11. We recommend cutting and pasting in your content after spell checking it in Word or another text application because there is not a spell check in the text box.  Doing this can sometimes mess up special characters such as quotes, you will see the code instead of the quotation marks.  To fix this you have to delete the code and enter the quotations manually into the text box
  12. From here you can enter the image for the page by selecting browse and opening the image file you would like to use.

    edit text content screenshot

  13. Click Update Page Information and this will save your changes and upload your image.
  14. Make sure your menu button in the beginning is set to visible and check your site to see how it looks.
  15. Repeat steps 9-14 for all of the buttons in drop down menu
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