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Posted by Sarah on 14 October 2013 09:37 AM

As of Flexsitez 1.82, the ability to better stylize the widgets in the sidebar is available!

Currently, to add images to the sidebar widget area some html is required. 

How to add images to a Text/HTML widget in the sidebar:

1) Upload image(s) in one of two ways:

a. Use Custom Images/Links to upload an image and set the Image Top to -9999 (to make this image "disappear")
b. Use the Wordpress Media Upload to upload and image

2) Obtain the link to this image
a. In the Flexsitez Admin under the custom image link, right click on the image and click "View Image", copy this url to a document to save it.

b. The image link using Wordpress upload can be found under Wordpress Admin>Media>Libary, click EDIT for the image and copy the "permalink" address copy this url to a document to save it.

3) In the Wordpress Admin>Appearance>Widgets, drag and drop a new Text/HTML widget to the desired location and add image code.
To have simple image link to an page, insert the following html code and save the widget
<a href="http://facebook.com/portfoliositez" ><img src="http://domainlink.com/wo-social-side-fb.png" /></a>

The easiest method to obtain HTML code is by creating a draft post or page and inserting the image, as noted in these instructions:

More help on html and image links can be found:

More help on text/html widgets:



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