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Changing the social media icons on a Generation II Hybrid Flash template
Posted by - NA - on 16 October 2012 02:20 PM
Changing the social media icons on a Generation II Hybrid Flash template

It IS possible to change out the two social media icons on a Generation II Hybrid Flash template, however, it cannot be done via the sitezadmin. 


There is a VERY specific set of steps to follow:

1) Log into your files via FTP, and navigate to public_html > assets folder
2) Download facebook.png and twitter.png to your OWN computer
3) Determine the sizing of the icons, which may vary from template to template, by opening the images in an image editing program, or viewing the file properties. 

You will want to use the size of the original image files as a guideline for sizing your new icons. For most templates, the original icons will be very small, around 30px X 50px. And, while you CAN use slightly larger icons on your site, you will want to consider the layout, and where the icons appear, and make sure you are not sizing them TOO large, as they may be cut off!

NOTE: Your images MUST be in .png format, and, for best results, transparent

4) Rename the original image files (via FTP) to facebook.pngORG and twitter.pngORG - this ensures that they are SAVED, and available, should things not work out as you planned!

5) Name your new icons facebook.png and twitter.png - the names MUST BE EXACT. Then, upload them to your files (in the assets folder)

NOTE: You CAN switch out the icons for those used for other platforms. For instance, if you use Pinterest, but not Twitter, you can replace the Twitter icon with a Pinterest one, however, the file name MUST still be twitter.png

6) Go to your sitezadmin > Edit Site Settings and Music tab > Edit General Settings/Colors area, and SAVE 

NOTE: Make sure the links are correct, and include http:// - again, if you are using icons other than Facebook and Twitter, you will want to add the appropriate link to the box in the sitezadmin that corresponds to the file name you are using (facebook.png or twitter.png)

7) In MOST cases, you will also want to go to the Edit Advanced Settings area, and adjust the following settings:

TwitterFacebookIconColor: Defaults to true, may need to be set to false (most common)

TwitterFacebookIconAlpha: Defaults to .6, may need to be adjusted (this is the opacity of your icons, which can be adjusted from 0 to 1)

(both settings will be near the very bottom of the listed settings)


If you have trouble with changing out your icons, please submit a ticket, with the files attached, to, and we will be happy to help!
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