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HTML5 templates - Video
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HTML5 templates - Video


Videos can be uploaded to the HTML5 templates via the sitezadmin > Edit Site Menu and Section Content > Edit Videos area.

A new gallery is created by entering the desired gallery name in the gallery name field click the "Create New Video Gallery" button.

Images can be added to the new gallery by clicking the edit icon.

Videos can be added using either an HTML embed code for newer HTML5 templates (Venus, Hydra, Scorpius, Saturn, & Jupiter) or by uploading them directly from your computer.  For more information on embedding videos into the video section, please see our tutorial on this here:


To ensure that your videos can be viewed in all browsers you will need to upload a version of the video in BOTH mp4 and ogg formats. 

When uploading the same video in different formats, the file name must be the same for both except with different extentions (such as MyVideo.mp4 and MyVideo.ogg). 

On your site, each video will only be listed once even when two versions of it have been uploaded, and the correct version will be used depending on the site visitor's browser. "Name", "Height" and "Width" settings will only be pulled from the first occurance of a video (for example if you upload MyVideo.mp4 and MyVideo.ogg and in the list of uploaded files, the mp4 version is listed first, "Name", "Height" and "Width" settings of the .ogg file will be ignored on your actual site). 

When testing videos on the admin page, if you are using Firefox, only .ogg files will play and in most other browsers only .mp4 files will play.

The available height for videos is determined by "Max Image Height" found at Edit Site Settings and Music > Edit General Settings/Colors (by default set at 650). The available width for videos is "Max Image Height" x "site_height_to_width_ratio" found at Edit Site Settings and Music > Edit Advanced Settings > General Advanced Settings (by default set to 1.5). 

For example with default settings the available area for videos is 975x650 (650 x 1.5 = 925). To prevent your video from extending beyond the content area you should make sure the height and width settings are not larger than the available height and width, regardless of the files original size.

If you find yourself in need of a file conversion tool, we recommend, which will quickly and easily convert MP4 files to ogg format, online, with no software installation required!

For additional assistance, please contact!

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