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HTML5 templates - Creating Galleries
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HTML5 templates - Creating Galleries

All image galleries created for the HTML5 templates are created via the Edit Site Menu and Section Content  > Edit Galleries area.

Unlike our Flash templates, where you create SECTIONS by adding the button and navigation type, and then creating the galleries within it, ALL of the galleries on the HTML5 template will be created on one level.

To create a new gallery, simply enter the gallery name, and click CREATE NEW GALLERY.

Once you have created the gallery, you can add a thumbnail via the the little 'image and arrow' icon, and add images to it by clicking the 'Edit' icon.

You will notice that there is a dashed red 'box' appearing on your image thumbnails. This box allows you to determine what portion of the image should be used as the thumbnail on the FRONT end. You can drag and drop the box into your desired place!

Make sure you SAVE your changes!

To create different gallery SECTIONS, you want to first make sure that all galleries are marked visible (green), and then navigate to the Edit Site Menu and Section Content >  Edit Menu area.

In the example in the screenshot (below), we have created 2 menu buttons; Image Galleries, and Wedding Galleries.

Below each, we have dragged and dropped the appropriate galleries, so that they appear under their correct "parent" button.

Which results in the following look on the front end

Note that the 'Image Galleries' was set up using drop down navigation, and the 'Wedding Galleries' are using portal navigation.

For additional information about menu and "parent" buttons, please review our Menu System article!

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