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My gallery or proofing gallery will not load all the images, what is wrong?
Posted by Jamie on 04 December 2007 07:47 PM
This can happen there is a broken image in the gallery. 

You can tell if an image is 'broken' because the thumbnail will not show up and will display a broken icon instead. 

If the gallery stops loading at a particular image the next image is most likely broken and does not exist on the server anymore, or it has a special character. If there is a broken image, it must be deleted out before the gallery will load properly.

The most common cause of broken images are:

1) The image dimensions are too LARGE. They should not be over 2000px in either direction!
2) The file size is too LARGE. All files should be saved for web, and sized as small as possible kb-wise, with 200kb to 400kb being ideal.
3) The file names have spaces or special characters in them (& % #� ! $ * ). We recommend simple names, such as image1.jpg

If you see nullpx X nullpx listed as the image dimensions within your sitezadmin, the image is BROKEN.

As a general rule, you should ALWAYS see a thumbnail for any image that has been successfully uploaded. If you do NOT, please make sure it meets the above recommendations, and try uploading it again!

Please contact for additional assistance!
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