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Flexcart - Digital Downloads Tutorial
Posted by - NA - on 16 April 2012 04:46 PM
Flexcart - Digital Downloads Tutorial

The digital downloads function of the Flexcart provides you the ability to allow your clients to order, pay for, and download images directly from their proofing galleries. 

The first step in the set up is the creation of the digital download listings themselves, via the cartadmin > Cart Settings > Edit Digital Downloads area. 


When creating digital download listings, you enter the long dimension of the file download, the short dimension will then be calculated based on the full file size of the image you have uploaded.

Be sure that the setting "Maximum Upload Dimension" under General Settings > Image Upload Options, is at least as large as the largest digital download you are offering.

Please refer to for an explanation of the Digital Download Dimensions. 

Once the digital download listings have been created, you will need to add them to the PRICE SET, in order for them to be available to clients. 


Once the digital download listing have been added to the price set, they will be available for the client to select within their shopping cart

They can select the digital download options they want, and proceed through checkout, and submit their payment. 

Once the order is COMPLETE, they will be provided with a link to VIEW it similar to this:

You will then be able to log into your cartadmin > Orders area, and see their new order:

After confirming reciept of payment, you will need to MANUALLY authorize digital downloads for the client by toggling the 'Downloads Authorized' button from red (NO) to green (YES) - if 'Email client on change' is checked, the client will automatically be sent an email notifying them that they can now download their images. If it is NOT checked, you will need to let them know!

After their digital downloads have been authorized, they can access their order using the link provided earlier, by entering the email address associated it, and download their images! 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact!
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