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Flexsitez - Flexcart Connect **NEW FEATURE
Posted by Sarah on 22 February 2012 04:53 PM

With the FLEXSITEZ plugin version 1.75, theme core 1.1, themes 2.0 and FLEXCART 2.1.0 is a new Flexcart Connect Feature! When setup, it will connect the Flexcart data to a page in Flexsitez and list information, thumbnail images and provide a link to login to the proofing for "approved" projects in the flexcart.

**The flexcart must also be installed on your account and in order for this connection to work both the flexsitez and flexcart must be upgraded to the latest versions

1) In the Flexcart Admin, go to each project to be listed in the flexsitez page and checkmark the "Visible in Flexsitez" box and enter any desired title and description for this project. 

2) In the Flexsitez Admin, click on the new link on the left side called "Flexcart Connect"

3) Type the folder in which the cart install exists.  For example, if the MAIN cart page can be seen by going to type the word "cart". If this is not correctly inputted, there will be an error.

4) Select the layout desired. There are 2 one column layouts, 2 two column and 1 three column.

5) Make any changes to the

Title Settings:
Header Font Type
Header Font Size
Header Color

Thumbnail Settings:
Thumb Border Size
Border Color
Element Padding Size (this applies to all elements on the page)
Thumanils Max Height (50-275 px)
Crop Thumbnails (
Setting this to true crop all thumbails to be uniform in size - using the Max Height setting set above. False, will resize on longest side to fit in alloted area.)
Divider Image - Upload any image to divide the rows. There is no automatic centering, so to center create an image the width of blog and center the divider in it so that there is blank canvas on either side.
Client Login Button - upload any image to use for the login button for each listing.

6) Upon saving these settings, a new page is created called "Flexcart Page - **rename**.  Open this page and edit the title.  Any text added in the editor area will show above the listings.  IMPORTANT: the page template must always be set to "flexcart".

The finished product:

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