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What if one of my sections is not loading?
Posted by Jamie on 04 December 2007 07:41 PM

If a section is not loading, such as the calendar section or contact section, then it could be because you do not have an image uploaded, or the image you have uploaded has a special character in the name such as @#$%^&*~{} . You will need change the file name and re-upload the image.

If a text section is not loading then we recommend the following steps:

  1. Make sure the text section is set to visible, and that there is at least one page in the section that is set to visible
  2. Re-order all visible pages to be ahead of invisible ones
  3. On the main menu re-order buttons so all visible text sections are ahead of invisible sections, and text sections without pages
  4. Make sure the page orders within the text section do not skip any numbers (ie they go from 1-4 instead of 1,3,4,5. If they do NOT, you can correct this by clicking on any page title, dragging it slightly out of place, and dropping it back in! This will force the template to renumber all of the pages! 
If you have any additional trouble, please contact!
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