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Flexsitez - Copyright Line
Posted by - NA - on 31 August 2011 10:26 AM
Flexsitez - Copyright Line

We have received many inquiries about the new Flexsitez template, and the copyright line built in. 

Once you have added your copyright information, you may see something like this:

It is standard practice to put the theme designer's name at the bottom of a wordpress site, and Wordpress requests that acknowledgement of use of their product is placed at the bottom, however, if you REALLY don't want that to appear, there is a way to remove it. 

BUT, by removing the built in copyright information, you will also remove your OWN. There is no in between. 

So, if you decide to go this route, you can remove it entirely by adding the following code to your Custom CSS, which can be found in your wp-admin, under Advanced Customizations:

#footerbar {
display: none;

We have had clients opt to go this route, and then use a WordPress plugin as a substitute. We cannot offer any support for third party plugins, but, if you would like to explore the options, you may do so here:

A good choice would be Blog Copyright by Blog Traffic Exchange:

A nice advantage of this particular plugin is that you can add simple HTML to create a more custom look. The basic copyright line will look like this:

Please contact support@portfoliositez. com for additional assistance!
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