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Main Portal Page

The Main Portal Page is where you will enter your proofing gallery if you were not given a direct URL link to your proofing page. Your access code will need to be entered on this page to access your galleries.

Project Portal Page

This is the page that you will enter your personal client project(s). Once you enter this page, which may or may not require a password, you will be taken to the page where you can see your gallery options for that Project. It is also possible that this page may be bypassed altogether, specifically if you only have one project and gallery. This page will look something like this:


From the Gallery portal page you will see each gallery thumbnail displayed. They may or may not be password protected. From this page, you also have the option to register or login. This is important to create a login so you can save favorites or what you have added to your cart. If you only have one gallery, it is possible this page may be bypassed. This gallery page will look like this

Once you enter, you will see your home page where all the gallery thumbnails and options are listed. From this page you can select favorites and add products or packages to your cart. By selecting the thumbnail, you have the ability to see a larger version of the image as well as the option to add that particular image to any of the available products or packages.

Adding Products to Cart

Once you select an image, you will see the "Order Prints" section to the right side of the page. This is where you can add the selected image to any Individual Product, Digital File, or Package. In order for a package to show up in this area, it first needs to be added to cart (which is explained below in greater detail). Once the product area is clicked, you will need to also select a size and/or quantity for most items. It is very important to select "Add to Cart" towards the bottom so that every selection is saved to your cart. If you are editing a package, you will need to hit the "save to Package" button as well. The number of items and your cart total will also be displayed at the bottom of the Order Prints box.

Adding Packages to Cart
At the very top left of each page you will see a Packages icon. Packages must be added here in order for the package to show up inside the Order Prints section, once an image is selected. Once you click this icon, all packages and pricing will be listed. You can then click on "Add This Package to Cart" button so it will show up in your cart. Once an image is selected, you have the option of adding that image to any of the products within the package and setting quantities for each. Again, it is very important that the "Add to Package" button is selected once an image or quantity is added. If this is not selected, your entries won't update to your package or the cart.


Favorites can be marked at anytime by selecting the favorites star under each thumbnail image. IF you are logged in, all favorites will remain saved for your next visit. If you want to view only saved favorites, you can click the "View only Favorites" option that appears at the top of the thumbnail page. This option will only appear if you have favorites chosen for the gallery you are in.

Compare Images

There is also a "Place on Hold for Comparison" option under each thumbnail. This allows you to select images and compare them side by side.

Muti-Image Products

This would be a Calendar or Album that you could add multiple images to (only if offered). Once this is added to the cart, you can edit it at anytime directly from the cart page. If you are adding images to a calendar, you will need to make sure that the "Add Photo" button is selected after making any changes in the Order Prints section.

Editing the Cart

Your cart can be edited by selecting the cart icon at the top of the page or directly below the Order Prints box. Once you click on the cart icon, you will see all items and images listed inside your cart. From this page you have the option to remove products and images or add notes to them. The cart total will be displayed at the top of the page. There will also be a "Checkout" link towards the top that will take you to complete the order process and submit payment.


Once you enter your personal information, you can also select shipping options and add any coupons that you might have. If you have more than one coupon, simply add the second coupon into the box and click "Apply Coupon" to discount the total. There is also a box for special comments or instructions, should you need to add any. Once this page is filled out, you can submit the order by selecting the "Place Order" button. A confirmation will be given along with a link where your order can be viewed. To view your order, you will need to use the email address associated with the order (the one you entered during the checkout process).

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