Flexsites - Themes – Abbey Road, Sample Duplication & “broken” Header Logo Image
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Flexsites - Themes – Abbey Road,  Sample Duplication & “broken” Header Logo Image

To start off, let’s take a moment to cover a key factor in the design of your Flexsitez template – your Slideshow Layout. 

Regardless of the Theme you choose, you will need to select one of the 9 Slideshow Layout Options:

Each of the different 9 layout choices include three distinct areas; the Image, the Logo, and the Body. 

The LOGO section will require some sort of image be uploaded, regardless of the layout selection. If an image is NOT uploaded, you will see a “broken: image icon there. 

In the case of the Abbey Road theme, many clients will want to set their template up to look just like the sample, and have the logo located within the white header image. When you choose to do this, you are essentially opting NOT to use the Logo element built into the Slideshow Layout, and instead, will want to upload it as a Custom Theme Image/Button.

There are PRECISE steps that will need to be taken to achieve this look successfully:

1 – Navigate to your Header Settings > Slideshow General Settings > Select Slideshow Layout, and choose your desired layout (will not matter, and is a matter of preference)

2 – SAVE that change

3 - Navigate to your Header Settings > Slideshow General Settings > Current Layout Options, and scroll down to Header Logo Image

4 – Upload a transparent .png file (can be created using a program such as Photoshop, or, if you do not have access to it, an online program like Pixlr (www.pixlr.com)

5 – SAVE that change

6 - Navigate to your Advanced Customizations > Custom Theme Images/Buttons menu

Here you will see the 6 theme default images (fbheader-icon5.png, headerbottomlace.png, header_shapewhiteshort.png, rssheader-icon3.png, twheadericon4.png, and logosample.png)

The ONLY one you need to change will be the logosample.png

7 – Click the logosample.png image thumbnail to open the editing menu. 


This will automatically take you back to the Editing Custom Images and Links page

9 – Click the Choose File button , select your logo image from your PC, and then click Upload New Image Link

You will now see the image thumbnail below!
10 – Click your image thumbnail to open the editing menu

To achieve the Abbey Road sample look, your settings MUST be as follows:

Custom Image Link Position: Set to Content Top Left

You can leave Link Address and Animation Amount as is

Advanced Settings:

Order Number: 0
Z-Index: 101
Bottom Margin: 10 
Side Margin: 0
Image Top Adjustment: -100
Image Left Adjustment: -650
Gallery Top Adjustment: 0

11 – Click Update Custom Image Settings to SAVE these changes!

Shoould you have any trouble at all with this, please contact us at support@portfoliositez.com!

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