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WordPress Stylings

Within the WordPress Stylings you will find the Post Title Settings, which will allow you to adjust your Post Title Alignment, as well as the indent, font, size, color, and padding. 

You will also have the ability to establish your Meta Data Settings, in regard to how and when your ‘Posted On’ and ‘Posted By’ data appears, the size of the posted on text, color, etc. 

This all fairly self explanatory, but, if you have any questions, please email us at support@portfoliositez.com

Moving on, you will see the option to upload your own Post Divider Image. This is the image that will appear under your comment area above the next post's title - we recommend a transparent .png file. 

You will then see the Post Images settings. Post images are images that appear right next to the post titles. You can choose to use just a default one for all posts, set certain categories to have their own post images, display the dates on the post images, or have none at all.

Here you can opt whether or not to use the Post Images, how to align them if you do, and whether or not to show the date on the post images! 

Next up, you will find your EDITING POST IMAGES menu, starting within the Uploaded Post Images section. 

This is where all of your uploaded post images will be displayed, along with their categories. 

Once you have uploaded post images, you may EDIT them by simply clicking on them; an editing menu will open for you to change your settings!

When you Upload Post Images, you will want to make sure you select your Post Image Category, and set the Image Adjustment Left and Top, and set your Month Settings (font, font size, color, padding), as well as your Day Settings.

Comment Settings:

The Comments Settings menu is where you go to establish ALL of your comment settings for your Flexsite. 

When you access the page, you will see a list of different options, all of which will open into a detailed dropdown menu when clicked. 

This, in a nutshell, is where you establish the “appearance” of all comments, as well as name, date, and text settings, and sharing, social networking , and other general settings. 

The Flexsitez also offer the ability to establish odd/even comment background settings, to make comment threads easier to navigate. 

Because the Comment section is so feature backed and customizable, we have established a set of separate Comment Settings How To articles, available here:

Comment Settings, Part 1 - Main Comments Settings

Comment Settings, Part 2 - PAGED NAVIGATION and REPLY SETTINGS

Comment Settings, Part 3 - COMMENTER’S NAME SETTINGS

Comment Settings, Part 4 - COMMENT TEXT SETTINGS

Comment Settings, Part 5 - ADD A COMMENT BUTTON SETTINGS



Comment Settings, Part 8 - AUTHOR COMMENTS

Comment Settings, Part 9 - SOCIAL NETWORK / RSS SETTINGS

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