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How to create a Client & Proofing Gallery (also Mini Sites for G1 templates)
Posted by - NA - on 11 September 2010 05:45 PM

Hybrid Flash Templates: Step by step Instructions for creating a Client, Proofing Gallery, and Mini Site (Mini Sites on Generation I templates only)

Steps 1-7 apply to ALL templates (Gen I, Gen II, and Blogsites)

1.) From Your sitezadmin main tab, click the Edit Clients icon.

2.) To create a new Client, click the Add Client icon

3.) Enter the clients information: first and last name, as well as email are REQUIRED. Event Date is optional.

Generation II view:

Generation I view:

* For Generation I templates, you will have the option to also create a Client Mini Site :) In this case, the Client Site Folder and Website Admin Password are also REQUIRED. The Expiration date is optional*

Once you have filled in all required fields, click the Save New Client icon. You will then be returned to the main Edit Clients menu, where you should see the new client in the client list :)

4.) To create a proofing gallery, click on the icon that looks like a little camera in the Menu column.

Generation II view:

Generation I view:

5.) On following page (should say Edit PROOFING GALLERIES FOR client name), you will want to upload a Proofing Image (if applicable), establish a client password, add a personal message for the client (in the window under which you see the Update Client Proofing Information button), and ADD galleries. **ALL of the information ABOVE the Update Client Proofing Information should be completed and SAVED, prior to moving on to Step 6**

6.) To create individual galleries, Click Add Gallery. You will see a pop up box, where you will need to upload a gallery thumbnail image and name the gallery. Upload your file, add the name, and click OK. You will then be prompted to cropyour image accordingly. Crop, and click OK! :) You will now see your new Gallery in the Gallery list

7.) To add images to the new Gallery, click the icon on the right that looks like an image with a green arrow. This will take you to a new page, where you can add images!! In the box on the upper right, click the Add Files button to select files from your computer to upload.Select them from the appropriate loaction on your PC, and click OK, which will return you to the sitezadmin page. You should see all of your file names in the box. Click Upload files. While the upload is in progress, you will see the status bars; once it is complete, you will see the File(s) have been uploaded pop up. Click OK! :)

*An important thing to remember here is that, if your images uploaded completely, you WILL see the thumbnail image within the Image list now. If you see ANYTHING else, it indicates a broken or incomplete image, and that one should be reuploaded!*

Once that is all done, mark the SET GALLERY VISIBLE box on the top left to visible, change your Default Section Color, if ouy would like, and click Update Gallery Information AND Save image order/color changes!

And there!! You just created a Client and Proofing Gallery!! :)

Once you're done, you can navigate back to the Edit Clients section via the INTERNAL links under the Portfoliositez logo on the top left :) Just ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure you SAVE any time you see the option to, and mark the Galleries visible :)

Now, to create a Client Mini Site: 

AGAIN, this applies ONLY to Generation I Hybrid Flash templates!!!

8.) From the Edit Clients page, click the icon to the right, in the Menu column, that looks like a little globe, with a wrench and a screwdriver :) **Refer to step 4 screenshots**

9.) If you completed the instructions in Step #3 correctly, this information should already be filled in!

10.) Click the appropriate link to either View the Mini Site, or view the Website Admin ~ The Mini Client Site's sitezadmin works EXACTLY the same as yours, it simply doesn't have all the same features. Build it the same way you are use to on your own !

Mini Site Views:

Login page:

Admin pages:

Please contact for additional assistance!


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