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My site will not load and I am not getting an error message.
Posted by Jamie on 06 November 2007 08:16 PM
Most often when you see the loading icon and it does not load your site it is because you do not have any images in your homepage slideshow or the images currently in the homepage slideshow are broken. Your website cannot load properly unless you have at least one image on your homepage.

Another problem we have run into is when the site does not load and you are looking at a white screen. This is because of a toolbar. Common toolbars are (but are not limited to) google, yahoo, Microsoft and aol. These toolbars can block your site from being seen in your browser. If this happens simply uncheck "block" in your toolbar.

If your site is still not loading and you have tried the recommendations above, it could be the google analytics snippet being used in the edit statistics section located on the middle tab of the sitezadmin.

If you have a generation II hybrid flash template then the snippet that needs to be used is the Traditional Snippet.

If you have a generation I hybrid flash template the Legacy Snippet should be used.

Here is a good knowledgebase article For more information regarding google analytics snippets:

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