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Ipad and Iphone mirror sites
Posted by Sarah on 04 August 2010 02:59 PM

The first thing you'll want to do is log into your sitezadmin and go to the settings tab.

You'll notice two new buttons are now on the page - one to edit settings for your phone mirror site and one to edit settings for your IPad mirror site.

In these sections you can upload a custom logo so that the site does not display our logo anymore.

Next you'll want to go into the phone settings and click the 'Generate Phone Size Images' at the bottom of the page. This will crawl through your images and create versions that are smaller for faster loading on the phone.

Lastly you'll want to edit the facebook/twitter links in each settings are of the sitezadmin to make sure they reflect your links. If you want them removed just clear out the link fields.

Here are some things to keep in mind about your new mirror sites:

1. the IPad and phones have limited memory so it is important not to have too many images on the page at once. Because of this we recommend no more then 10 images for the home slideshow, and not having more then 10 images display at a time in the galleries.

2. Videos are supported on the IPad, but width/height dimensions must be added for the videos in the sitezadmin, and the videos must be H.264 encoded.

3. Before images will appear on your phone mirror you will have to click the 'Generate Phone Size Images' button in the phone settings section of the sitezadmin

4. You can use the advanced settings to change the position of your logo and tweak other settings such as various widths, label wording, etc. The phone is designed for the IPhone but should work on most other smartphones. The quality of the image will vary depending on device screen and the layout may differ slightly depending on how the phone interprets the code.

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