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Setting up and connecting to your files via FTP
Posted by Jamie on 23 October 2007 09:03 PM
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an advanced feature of your hosting. Usually you will not need this unless you want to do advanced things like upload third party software and/or third party files. 
You do not need to use FTP to edit basic content of your site and galleries. All site editing can be done directly through your sitezadmin or wp-admin.
To connect to your files via FTP, you will first need an ftp program to get into your folder structure of your hosting account. 
There are many free FTP’s available, such as:
CoffeeCup Free FTP:
Core FTP:
And even free ONLINE FTP’s, like:
Once the program you choose is open, it should ask you to connect to a website or create a connection (each program is different but it should be something along those lines). When you choose to do this it will ask you for the following:
1. Site name: You can name this anything, like your domain name.
2. Host name: This is
3. Username and password: These will be the username and password provided in your Welcome Email for accessing your cPanel & FTP. 
**Everything else, such as the port, can remain the same. After filling out the connection, click to connect to the site (usually 'ok' or 'connect')
Once logged on you will see the folder structure of your website, including the folder 'public_html'.
In this folder is everything visible to the web. For example, if you create a folder in it called 'slideshows' you will be able to see it on the front-end at
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