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Will I go over my bandwidth if I have both a blogsite and flash site?
Posted by Jen on 11 January 2010 10:01 AM

Bandwidth is basically the kb transferring that occurs. That means if you have 10 images on a page, and each image is 100kb, then 1 visitor to the site takes up 1MB of transfer to view that page. That's why it is hard to esitmate how much transfer you will need because it depends on the amount people visiting your site, how many images they are looking at and how large those images are. Also uploading takes up transfer so if you upload full 2MB images that get sized down by the server it takes up 2 MB of transfer verse uploading a pre-sized image of 100kb which takes up 1/20th of the size.

Our clients who have blogsites definitely have more potential to go over their bandwidth then those with just flash sites. This is because usually they have a larger number of visits and the wordpress settings is set by default to show 10 posts at a time. If each post has 10 images at 100kb each then each posts uses up 1MB of bandwidth. If a client comes back each day to visit that means that 9MB of transfer is used to load the previous 9 posts that they already have seen and aren't looking at. This is why we recommend setting the default number of posts to 2-4 on each page.

We definitely have clients who have done it both ways - We have a lot who have both a flash site and blogsite who never go over their bandwidth, and we have had some who have opted to purchase their blogsite outright so that they can host it on a server that can offer more space and bandwidth then we can.


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