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Problems with uploading videos
Posted by Jamie on 17 October 2007 11:43 PM
For issues with videos not uploading, videos taking over 30 minutes and then not showing up, or videos not showing up in the video list:

The max upload is 60-100MB depending on the server your account is on. If the connection was dropped even for a second during the upload it will also cause problems. If the video is under 60MB and you have a reliable connection you can try to re-upload it through the bulk uploader in your sitezadmin.
There is a way to bypass the bulk uploader and upload the video using your ftp but it can be complicated.

What you are going to need to do is:
Upload a dummy file (any file renamed to the *exact* name of the video, it is only a placeholder) through the bulk uploader to create a database entry for the video, then upload the video to the correct folder in ftp.
  1. Take any file on your computer and rename it to the name of the video you would like to upload. For example, change new.txt to video1.flv.
  2. Upload the newly named file through the video bulk uploader. This should create an entry for the video in the videos list.
  3. Log into your site through the ftp (using any ftp program such as cuteftp, or Filezilla Your ftp host, username, and password were provided to you in the welcome email we sent you when your template was installed.
  4. Go to the video gallery path (found in your admin right above the video list. For example, /public_html/sitezimages/gallery4/) and upload the real flv file. It will most likely ask you if you want to overwrite or replace the file that is already uploaded select okay; this will get rid of the dummy file.
*** it is important that both the dummy file and the real file have the exact same name so the entry in the database is valid ***

Here are some links to client knowledgebase articles regarding FTP:

Setting Up Your FTP:

Connecting to your FTP:

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