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What format should I be using for my video gallery?
Posted by Jamie on 17 October 2007 09:27 PM

All video for Hybrid Flash templates and Traditional Blogs needs to be in .flv or h.264 encoded .mp4 format but it can be done in any aspect ratio.

For more detailed video requirements, broken down by template, please refer to

Here are some softwares you can use to convert your videos into flash (.flv) format: - converts dvd video to flv - converts web format video (wma, avi, mov, etc.) to flv

The freeware program Any Video converter ( works well to convert your videos into .flv or h.254 encoded .mp4 video files.

Advanced video work can be done in programs such as Adobe After Effects and Premier. There is a plugin for these programs ( - sorenson squeeze) that produces very high quality flv videos. However, this is quite costly and we would only recommend going this route if you want to incorporate serious video services with your photography.

Please contact for additional assistance!

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Kati Decker
15 July 2010 08:47 PM
These both are .exe files. Is there a different file format for MAC users?
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