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BASIC TEMPLATE SWITCH - If you have a service with us you can order a template switch. We will install the BLANK new template in a subfolder so that you can get it ready while your current site is still live. When you are ready just let us know and we will remove your first template and set your new one live. THIS WILL BE BLANK. If you'd like to have a team member manually re-create your content in a new template please consider the WHITE GLOVE SERVICE.

Starting from $5.00 USD One Time
Custom Splash Pages for SEO (up to 5) - Some SEO companies require basic pages setup that work as landing pages for certain URLs (ie: or individual domain names ( would lead to a splash page with keywords and a link to your site). This covers the setup of a basic (logo and link) page to comply with that SEO request.

$10.00 USD One Time
WHITE GLOVE SERVICE - Not computer savvy? Don't have time to transfer content from your old PSitez template? No Problem! With our white glove service you can just email us your content and text, or we will manually pull it from your old template, and we will update your site for you!

We will work with you when you get a new site to get it setup and designed exactly how you would like. We are your personal design a tech guru and will setup everything from your website to your email, to uploading a pdf and linking it on your website.

*** this covers the first 30 days of website setup and design, as well as any other technical tasks such as setting up your email accounts and submitting your sites to search engines.

$120.00 USD One Time
ADDITIONAL SPACE - Add 1 gigabyte of space (and 20 gigs of bandwidth) to your current hosting account. Additional space is for clients who have exceeded their quota and are not able to get their content back under the allotted space for their package. This is not an option for Entry level clients.

Please contact us at before ordering so we can assess your account and make sure this is something you need.

ADDITIONAL TEMPLATE - This is an add-on template that is installed directly on your service with us. It will share the same bandwidth and space as your other(s), However, it can have its own domain name. This is not an option for Entry level clients.

Please Note: the $5 setup fee is NOT refundable once it has been installed on your account.

DOMAIN CHANGE - All clients get 1 free domain change per year. This is for 1 additional change in the same year.

$5.00 USD One Time
FONT CHANGE - All clients with a Standard, Premium, Ultimate Service OR an Owned License get 1 free font change per year. This is for 1 additional change in the same year. This is not an option for Entry level clients.

$5.00 USD One Time
WORDPRESS EXPORT/IMPORT - You can use wordpress's import/export feature to move posts and pages from one wordpress install to another. This service is if you would prefer us to move the posts and pages for you.

$20.00 USD One Time
SITE TRANSFER - This service is for transferring your individually purchased template from one third party server to another. This IS NOT available for clients who have services with us.

$40.00 USD One Time

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