New to this whole web site thing? Here is what you need to know.

When creating a web presence there are three things you need:

Domain Names. Cheapest and best place we've been able to find is Namecheap.com. They will register your domain name for around $10 a year. Your domain name is what directs people to your site on any given server (ie- portfoliositez.com). No Matter what method or company you go with for websites you will need at least one domain name. You can always have additional domain names point to the same place if you would like, for instance both portfoliositez.com and portfoliositez.net can point to the same webpage.

Web Sites. The first thing to do is decide whether you need an individual portfolio (template) purchase, or if you would like to go with one our our service based plans. If you already have hosting then you probably will want to go with the individual template so that we install it directly on your hosting account. Below is a simple breakdown of our services, additional information can be found in the pricing section. We offer two different services as follows:

1. web service (entry,standard, premium, or ultimate)
cost: $4/mo, $10/mo, $16/mo, and $20/mo with a $20 setup fee
includes: template of your choice and hosting. It also includes the ability to switch to any template down the road, or upgrade to the latest version of your template, for only the $20 setup fee each time. The service price is price locked so your monthly cost will never increase, even if you upgrade to a template that had many more advanced features such as the shopping cart and advanced client system (when available). additional requirements: domain name from third party company such as godaddy. shouldn't cost more then $10/yr.

2. template only as a product
cost: $250 one time fee
includes: 1 premium version of the template to be installed directly on your server (if your server meets our requirements which can be found in our support knowledgebase). $20 upgrades/template switching unavailable. additional requirements: domain name from third party company such as godaddy. shouldn't cost more then $10/yr AND third party hosting You either pay the monthly (or yearly) service cost or the $200, you do not need to pay both.

Hosting is your chunk of space on a physical computer that shares your information with the world wide web. With a service like ours this is included. If you choose to go with a service where you need to get this separately a couple great companies are bluehost.com, and lunarpages.

When dealing with websites you should keep in mind that the internet is a growing industry. More and more people are turning to the internet to provide information. If you do not have a web presence you may be missing out on potential clients who do not want to consider your services because it takes more effort to find out about them then to find out about your competitors. Web sites are also changing at a rapid rate. Your website design/style may get outdated in as shortly as 1 year. Staying up to date with the latest trends such as client proofing, online ordering, etc. is important. When comparing options you should consider that this is not going to be a one-time purchase that lasts you 10 years. You need to budget in what it will take to refresh your look every couple of years at the least to ensure you are looking at your web presence in a realistic financial plan.


It is simple, we don’t agree with this practice. It’s not that we don’t want to offer you everything we can, it’s just that we do not want to use gimmicks to get you to sign up. You can’t actually have unlimited space because servers have harddrives which have limited space. Companies that do this limit 'server resources' (if they try to keep their servers running at optimium levels) which causes your site to be suspended temporarily at times for 'CPU usage exceeded' or have a lot of downtime due to overloading their servers. We don’t agree with this practice because it gives the illusion that you are getting a better product and more when in reality these servers are more overloaded and oversold then those with limits.

We want you to know that what you get with us is what you have to use or keep open. We do not oversell our servers which is why our servers run at optimum levels all the time. Even though our servers have a lot of extra space since the majority of clients never come close to using their 2Gigs we keep them clear so that clients can feel comfortable knowing that there is a limit on how loaded the server they occupy will be. This helps us maintain excellent uptime statistics and server speeds. Our servers are also housed in state of the art datacenters with some of the fastest connections in the country.


We offer dedicated servers that are not over sold. Our dedicated servers are 12 Core (Dual Xeon E5s). They are housed in a state-of-the-art datacenter with 24/7 monitoring. Our hosting accounts are full hosting accounts - this means you have control over:

- Emails - you can create/delete/set limits/etc

- FTP Logins - create as many as you would like!

- Stats - with built in stats you can see who has visted when, how much bandwidth has been used, etc.

- Security - you have full control over spam filters, blocking IPs, and other security features

- Third party software - You can easily install any third party software directly on your account

- Full CPanel - with CPanel you can manage dozens of aspects of your hosting from an easy admin area


With each templates comes an online admin to allow you to easily update your site whenever you would like from whatever computer you would like. If you would like to test out an admin before determining if a portfoliositez.com template is for you please email info@portfoliositez.com. We do have a sample admin available for testing upon request.


Our HTML5 templates come with our most feature packed admin.
Easily upload images to your homepage slideshow. You can add alt tags and colors to each image.
Create your custom menu structure and buttons using our most advanced menu editor. Easily add any section as a dropdown from another section.
Images uploaded to the gallery are automatically resized for the web for fast loading. Add tag lines, alt tags, and colors to each image. Easily re-arrange your images with the drag and drop interface.
Use our revolutionary form builder to create multiple forms for your site. For example you could have a booking, contact, and a testimonials form.
Each form can be built with custom form fields including radio fields, selection boxes, and input fields.
Create unlimited text pages.
Each text page can have a main section image and unlimited text. The text can include images, lists, and all other html elements.
Add social media links onto your site, including 'pin it' and 'share' buttons for individual images.
Add mp3 songs to your site's fully featured jukebox.
Create video galleries that can hold H.264 encoded videos as well as vimeo and youtube videos.
Upload your own logo to your site.
Edit hundreds of settings to customize your site. Change colors, fonts, backgrounds, transitions and more to make your site unique.

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