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Posted by James Reiche on 28 March 2018 02:06 PM

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A content slideshow is basically just a single row of thumbnail images.

Each thumbnail image can display text and they can be linked to any other page or website.

A content slideshow can be created as a separate page however it is most typically added to a stackable section.

You can use as many different content slideshows as you like.


Instructions for adding a new content slideshow to a stackable section on Phoenix.

(1)  Access the stackable section that you want to add the new content slideshow too on the bottom of the content settings page inside the Phoenix sitezadmin or create a new stackable section and access it.

After you access the stackable section use the ADD CONTENT SLIDESHOW button on the left side of the page to add a new content slideshow to the stackable section.

Enter a name for the slideshow and use the add section button to add it to the stackable section on the right.


(2) Click on the new content slideshow that was added to the stackable section to edit it.

On the next page upload thumbnail images for the content slideshow by dragging and dropping files into the "drop files here to upload" box.

(3) Each Thumbnail image has the following settings  - 

CURRENT COLOR - This settings does not do anything on a content slideshow and it can be ignored.

TEXT CONTENT - The text that is entered here will appear on the active thumbnail image.

Html code can be used if desired.

URL - This is where you can enter a link for the thumbnail image.

Html code can be used if desired.

When a user clicks on the arrow that appears on the content slideshow thumbnail image it will take them to the link address.

You can enter links to other pages or galleries on your website or you can enter links that go to external websites.

Each link should start with http://www. or https://www.


Here is an example of what a content slideshow page can look like in the sitezadmin -  

This is the same content slideshow as it appears on the website.

This content slideshow is the only thing that has been added to this stackable page example -  

(4) You can access the content slideshows EDIT ADVANCED SETTINGS tab to move it out of a stackable section and onto it's own separate page or you can move a separate content slideshow page into a pre-existing stackable section.




The size settings for the content slideshow can be found inside the sitezadmin -edit advanced settings section.

The SlideshowImageThumbWidth and SlideshowImageThumbHeight settings control the size of the thumbnail images that appear on the content slideshow.

The SlideshowStackHeight setting controls how tall the content slideshow will appear on a stackable section.

When the SlideshowShowBackground setting is set to false the sites main background color will appear behind the content slideshow.

When it is set to true the active thumbnail image will appear in the background behind the content slideshow.



The color of the text that appears on content slideshow thumbnail images is controlled by the Slideshow Tag Line Color setting found inside the sitezadmin -edit colors section.

The font that is used for the text that appears on content slideshow thumbnail images is controlled by the TitleFont setting found inside the sitezadmin - edit general settings section.

The white colored link arrow that appears on content slideshow thumbnail images can be replaced inside the sitezadmin - edit icons section by replacing the Slideshow View More Icon

The default Slideshow View More Icon image is sized 20x20 pixels  -




Please contact us if you have any questions about content slideshows.




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