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Posted by James Reiche on 16 March 2018 02:34 PM

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A stackable section is a page that has more than one item added to it and you can scroll down the page to view everything.

It is not necessary to use a stackable section however they allow you to create complex and unique appearances.

By default, the HOME page on our Phoenix template is created using a stackable section.

You can create a new stackable section or edit any current ones from the Phoenix sitezadmin - Content Settings page.



You can create a new stackable section by using the Add Stackable Section button that appears on the top of the page under ADD SECTIONS.

After you create a new stackable section it will appear on the bottom of the page under STACKABLE SECTIONS.

You can edit a stackable section by clicking on the one you want to edit.

Here is an example of what a HOME stackable section can look like -


The HOME stackable section shown above has the following items added to it in the following order -  

Slideshow - text panel - image divider - content slideshow - another image divider - calendar - another image divider, and a form.

This is what it appears like on the website -


You can add new items to a stackable section by simply clicking on the item that you want to add on the left side of the page under ADD PAGE CONTENT SECTIONS:

You can delete an item from a stackable section by using the red X that appears to the right of the item that you want to delete. 

You can make any item invisible, without deleting it, by changing it's color from green to red.

You can rearrange the order of the items by clicking/dragging/dropping them where you want and then using the save order button.

If you notice that the section order is not displaying properly on your website access the EDIT OPTIONS tab of the stackable section that you are editing and make sure that SORT BY: is set to Order Number.



There are 6 different types of items that can be added to a stackable section.

Click on an item listed below to view detailed information about it.





(4)  FORM




You can add as many items to a stackable section as you want.

You can create a blog post like appearance by adding many text panels and stacking them on top of each other.

You can create/use as many different stackable sections as you want on Phoenix.

Every single page could be created as a stackable section if desired.


It is possible to move individual items out of a stackable section and onto it's own separate page.

To do this click on an item added to a stackable section to edit it.


The item will then appear separately on the sitezadmin - content settings page under CURRENT SECTIONS and it can be edited by clicking on it.

You can also move separate pages into a stackable section.

To do this access and edit a page/section on the content settings page of the sitezadmin.

Go to it's EDIT ADVANCED SETTINGS tab and at the bottom of the page select which stackable section you want to move the page/section into and then use the MOVE INTO THE STACKABLE PAGE BUTTON.

The page/section will then be removed from the content settings page and it will appear inside the stackable section instead and can be further edited from there.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the Phoenix stackable section or how to use it.






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