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Posted by James Reiche on 15 February 2018 11:04 AM

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Instructions for creating a new image gallery on Phoenix.


1-  Access the content settings page of the Phoenix sitezadmin and use the add gallery button.

We recommend using a Google Chrome browser to do this.

Some other browsers like Safari or Firefox will not allow you to successfully create new items inside the Phoenix sitezadmin.


2- When you use the add gallery button you will need to enter a name for the gallery and upload an image for it.

Please do not use any special characters in gallery names as they can cause unexpected problems.

The main gallery image that you upload will appear on top of the gallery thumbnail page.

The height of that display area is controlled by the HeaderImageHolderHeight setting found inside the sitezadmin-edit advanced settings section.



 3- After you add a gallery the new gallery will appear on the content settings page under GALLERIES.


 4- Click on the Gallery name on the content settings page to access the gallery page and upload images into the gallery by dragging and dropping image files into the upload box.

 If desired you can set a color for each gallery image and that color will display on the sides of it on the gallery slideshow page.


5- Use the edit options tab to access the galleries settings.

You can enter text in the gallery description box and it will display on the galleries thumbnail page.

You can password protect the gallery by selecting Password Protected? and entering a password in the gallery password box.

You can also allow social media sharing, free image file downloading, and you can set the gallery thumbnail page or gallery slideshow page to display first.

If you can not access the edit options tab please do so using a Google Chrome browser.


6-  After you have created a gallery or any new item it will appear on the edit menu page under UNUSED MAIN SECTIONS.

You must then click on the item to add it to the menu so it will be visible on your site.


7 - If you create multiple image galleries you can place them into a drop down menu.

Directions for creating drop down menus on Phoenix can be seen here -


Please let us know if you have any questions.


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