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As of July 2013 (Flexsitez Core 1.4 / Plugin version 1.8 / Themes version 2.4) Custom Fonts for your Flexsitez template can now be uploaded via the Flexsitez > Flexsitez Fonts area of your wp-admin. 

Flexsitez Update 1.81 - New ability to upload an EOT font.  After the tff or otf font is uploaded an option next to the delete (X) button is available for fonts that will not work in IE.  This is optional and does not apply to all fonts. To do this  visit and follow instructions to download the zip file generated, then extract the eot file and upload the eot file to the "IE Font Fix" area.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! It is the site owner's responsibility to ensure all necessary licensing rights have been obtained before uploading fonts to their site. Most font files will include a file like 'license.txt', which will outline whether the font creator has given you permission to use the font for commercial purposes or not. If you are using a font on your site which you do NOT have express permissions to use, YOU (the site owner) may be in violation of the creators licensing permissions, which may have legal repercussions. 

You will also want to designate a DEFAULT font - this is only for use in the event that a custom font is deleted, and would be used to 'fill in'. 

The default font can be set via the Content Settings > Content Styling area of your Flexsitez admin.

Once uploaded to the admin, you can assign fonts to the different areas of the site via the Advanced Customizations > Custom Assign Uploaded Fonts area. 

Fonts can be assigned to custom CSS by adding well formed classes and IDs in this area OR assign specific theme areas like General font or Page Titles or Post Titles. 

In order to assign in this area, you will need to identify the correct class or ID. As of September 2013 (Plugin version 1.8.1), font size can also be assigned in this area.  

You can also now set uploaded fonts for certain areas via the general settings for them:

Menu font: Menu Settings > setting #18: Button Font
General font: Content Settings > setting #1. General Content Font
Page title font: Content Settings > setting 8. Page Title Font
Posts titles: Post Title and Date Settings > setting #3. Post Title Font

Font assignments in the admin has changed with this update. The old font assignment area for page title (for example) was a text area where you would manually enter your desired font's name.

It is now a drop down menu, which will list all web-safe fonts, as well as uploaded fonts. If the currently assigned font (the original written text font), does not match a web-safe font, it too will be listed (and still the correct font to be used) AND you will also have the ability to choose "other" and assign another font. 

This is highly discouraged since web-safe fonts are universal fonts, and, if a custom font is desired, it should be uploaded so it can be selected from the drop down. This "other" should mainly be used with a third party font plugin (if you need to use one), since they may need to have them still written in.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will NEED to remove (completely, including DELETING) any font plugin previously used if you want use the Flexsitez Fonts feature, as any other font plugin may cause unexpected font view errors, which Portfoliositez CANNOT offer support for.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Flexsitez Core 1.4 and above, when installing a new theme, the fonts uploaded to other themes will NOT be included, and will need to be installed for the new theme. 

New themes (created after the writing of this article) will include a link out to the fonts to download from other themes.

Front end example!

Please contact with any additional questions!

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