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500 or IO Error when uploading images
Posted by - NA - on 06 December 2012 02:11 PM
We recently had to change a setting on our servers, which had previously been set incorrectly. 

The setting was allowing everyone to upload full size images, which was making our servers extremely unstable. We changed the setting to ensure the servers would not go down, causing mass outages, as we believe the stability of our servers is very important to everyone. 

If you are receiving a 500 or IO Error when attempting to upload images to your site, please try to resize YOUR images to the MAX UPLOAD DIMENSION for your template (see list below) so that the server is not overloaded and functioning as an image manipulator. 


Generation I Hybrid Flash Templates:
Ansel: 500px
Diego: 450px
Dorothea: 480px
Frida: 460px

Generation II Hybrid Flash Templates:

This will depend entirely upon the ‘Max Interface Height’ set within your Edit Site Settings & Music tab > Edit General Settings/Colors area. Please review the applicable portion of this article for additional information:

Many clients will prefer to resize images in batches, rather than one by one. For ease of bulk image resizing, perhaps a Photoshop script will work best. 

You can find help with batch resizing images at the following places:



PictureTray (Staff Recommendation): (download available on that page)

Lightroom :

**Online Option**

Please contact for any additional assistance!

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