Psitez Guide to Google Analytics & SEO
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Psitez Guide to Google Analytics & SEO

ALL Portfoliositez templates, whether a traditional blog, a Generation I or II Hybrid Flash, a Flexsitez, or our new HTML5 templates, are SEO FRIENDLY, and have built in tools to help you maximize your SEO results.

To begin, let's look at them individually:

Generation I Hybrid Flash Templates -

These templates have an HTML mirror built in. The html mirror on these templates is a basic one, designed to provide the same information, while maintaining the look and feel of the Flash site, but in a way that can be viewed on ANY computer, regardless of operating system or browser, with or without a Flash player.

They are also VERY easy for search engines to crawl and index, which is essential for successful SEO.

Generation II Hybrid Flash Templates -

The Generation II templates have a non-styled version of the Generation I html mirror site, which we refer to as an "HTML Backer", designed to display the information contained within your site to Search Engines, making the content crawlable; however, it is not meant to be viewed via computer.

The Generation II templates also include more support for Google Apps, as well as the built in site map functionality. Direct linking was also added to this generation, which allows multiple pages to be indexed by search engines, clean urls for easier Google crawling, and the ability to add a meta title to each page in the ‘edit site menu’ section .

In addition, they also offer the optional iPad/iPhone addon, which provides the viewability for small screens, mobile devices, and slower, non-broadband connections. Additionally, the iPad site is designed specifically for the iPad's touchscreen navigation and displays the images in a unique swipe manner!

Flexsitez Professional Photo Blog -

The Flexsitez Professional Photo Blog is a 100% NON-FLASH template, built upon Wordpress, which is pre-configured to work with the Yoast SEO plugin. The plugin let's you set templates for titles and meta descriptions for all types of pages, features Robots Meta configuration, Breadcrumbs, Permalink clean up, XML Sitemaps, RSS enhancements and a WHOLE lot more, making it one of our most SEO friendly templates.

You can learn more about the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin HERE

HTML5 Templates -

The HTML5 templates are, of course, also 100% NON-FLASH, and include built in SEO features such as the ability to add alt tags to images, automatic submission to Google, sitemap generation, Google analytics support, and much more, directly from your sitezadmin!

Next, let's review some SEO basics:

Q: What are Meta Tags, and what do they DO?


Meta tags are the HTML or XHTML element used to provide structured metadata about a Web page. Multiple elements are often used on the same page: the element is the same, but its attributes are different. Meta elements can be used to specify page description, keywords and any other metadata not provided through the other head elements and attributes.

The meta element has two uses: either to emulate the use of the HTTP response header, or to embed additional metadata within the HTML document. (More at

(meta tag) The part of your website’s HTML code that tells a search engine the relevant information for the content of our website. This is typically found in the “head” section and has various attributes including description and keyword. (More at

Meta Tags do not affect the appearance of a web site and are not visible when you look at a Web page, but they provide information regarding the content of the site. Meta Tags are used primarily by search engines that scan through the programming code and text of each page.

When you submit a web site to a search engine, that search engine sends out a robot called a "spider" or "crawler". This robot is a program that looks at your site, decides if it will be indexed, and then (if you're accepted) looks through your web page more thoroughly before finally indexing it into a specific search engine database.

It is during this stage that having properly written Meta Tags is important. If the spider or crawler encounters optimized Meta Tags on your home page it will have a much easier time when looking at the rest of your site. Meta Tags make the spider's job easier by providing the spider the information it is looking for such as, keywords, a description, rating, and other variables. (More at

ANALYTICS refers to the methods used to track information about your website, such as visitor data, referral sources, impressions, clicks, etc. Our templates incorporate and support GOOGLE ANALYTICS functionalities.

Q: What is GOOGLE ANALYTICS, and what are its benefits?

"Top five ways to make Google Analytics benefit you:

Google Analytics is absolutely free and there are many benefits that come with installing it on your site. We've listed the top five things you can do as soon as you start tracking your site with Analytics:

AdWords advertisers can make Analytics available right in their AdWords account as a separate tab through a simple linking process. Advertisers can review extra data for their online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions (goals), and pick out their highest performing ads.
You can also use Analytics to track other Google products including AdSense, Blogger, and Google Sites.

See which pages drive the most page views on your site from the Top Content report. This report can answer questions you have about your most or least effective pages - for example, a high bounce rate indicates a landing page that should be redesigned or tailored to the specific ad which links to it.

Which groups of visitors became customers or did something else important to the success of your business? You can get key insights for these questions by setting up goals.

Grant other people in your company or organization access so that they are restricted to viewing reports in a profile or given full access to help manage your entire account as an administrator.

There are over 80 reports with customizable, drag-and-drop interfaces. You can also create your own reports with Custom Reporting, create the segments you want to see with Advanced Segmentation, or view multi-dimensional views of your data with Motion Charts."

Citation: Google "Benefits of Analytics." Google, n.d. Web. 18 July 2012. <>.

Learn more at

Q: Where do I sign up for GOOGLE ANALYTICS?

It is important to remember that Portfoliositez is, in NO WAY, affiliated with GOOGLE ANALYTICS. For that reason, once you have established service with US, you will also need to establish a GA account of your own, in order to start taking advantage of it's great SEO benefits.


Once you have established your GA account, we STRONGLY encourage you to take time to familiarize yourself with it, by utilizing the free GOOGLE ANALYTICS LESSONS that can be found HERE **Please note: Although Google does offer the opportunity to take a test (these cost $50 or more), and receive a certificate for passing, the lessons themselves are 100% FREE**

These lessons will provide you with an in depth understanding of how your GA Dashboard works, how to verify, create campaigns, set goals, read and interpret your reports, and SO much more.

***Please also note that the lessons and steps provided by Google are "geared toward" those with basic websites, which have no BUILT IN support - so, the instructions to place code of any sort to headers of pages, etc., and be DISREGARDED. This is because Portfoliositez templates have these functions built in, and, because of this, simply adding your UA code to the Edit Statistics code area of a Generation I or II Hybrid Flash template, a Google Analytics plugin for your Flexsitez (we recommend 'Google Analytics', by Kevin Sylvestre, which adds the required javascript for google analytics - more information is available at, or via the SEO and Statistics area of your HTML5 template will AUTOMATICALLY do this for you!!***

Q: How do I verify my site and ownership with Google?

There are several different verification methods offered by GA, however, some take quite a while, and may not work at all. The HTML file method is by far the BEST, as it is successful nearly 100% of the time, and results in INSTANT verification:

Google Verification via HTML file:

(Google article from: )

To verify your site by uploading an HTML file:

1. On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click Verify this site next to the site you want.

2. In the Choose verification method list, select Upload an HTML file, and follow the steps on your screen.

3. Upload the file to your webserver to the location we specify. Generally, this is the root folder for your site. Note: Don't make any changes to name or content of the file.

4. Confirm the successful upload by clicking the link provided.

5. Once you have uploaded the file and can open it, click Verify. We will verify that the file exists in the specified location. If we can't access the file, we'll give you information about the error we encountered. More information about HTML file verification errors. Once this problem is resolved, try to verify your site again. Don't delete the file from your server, as this will cause your site to become unverified.

Once you have familiarized yourself with GOOGLE ANALYTICS, and it's functions, and verified your site, you will want to submit your site to Google for crawling, which can be done here:

NOTE: It can, and most likely WILL, take several weeks (up to 8) for Google to crawl and index your site. It is ESSENTIAL that you have your meta tags, site title, and other index-able content customized before submitting your site to Google to be crawled - doing so BEFORE will very likely result in Portfoliositez meta data being indexed! :)


Google SEO Starter Guide - download it HERE

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