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Flexcart - Collections vs. Packages
Posted by - NA - on 26 June 2012 04:33 PM
Flexcart - Collections vs. Packages


Collections allow your clients to purchase any items you sell, up to the specified "Credit" of the collection. 

This is how they work:

The "Credit" amount is the value of the items the customer puts into the collection. So if you wanted to give a customer $50 off when they order your specified collection, you will want to make the "credit" value $50 more than the price of the collection. 

So, if you wanted to give the customer $300 worth of your products for $250 you will want to make your collection price $250 and the credit value $300. The collections option lets the customers make their own "packages". 

To create a Collection, you will go to Cart Settings > Edit Collections, and click 'Add Collection'


With Packages, YOU, the Photographer, determine the specific products the customers get. 

To create a Collection, you will go to Cart Settings > Edit Packages

To create a new package, first click "Add Package", enter the package name and price, you can also enter a shipping price if desired. Click "Save New Packages". You can then click the "Edit Package Items" to edit which items are included in the package.

And, of course, don't forget to add the Collection to your Price Sets! (

If you need additional help with Collections and Packages in your Flexcart, please contact
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