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Common Email Issues and Troubleshooting!
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Things you should know about your email, and general troubleshooting


LOTS of new Portfoliositez clients don’t seem to realize this, but, your hosting account with us INCLUDES email as well! Its true! J An Entry level account is allowed 2 accounts, Standard is allowed 5, and Premium accounts can have UNLIMITED email accounts! This being the case, you DON’T need to deal with the hastle of setting up email hosting through GoDaddy, or another domain registrar, and tackle the messy business MX records can create! J


Also, many people don’t realize this, but, if you had an email account set up with your previous host, when you redirect your nameservers, and have them pointed to Portfoliositez servers, the old email account WILL stop working.


So, you want to make sure, BEFORE, you change your nameservers, that you have forwarded any old emails from your previous hosts’ email servers to a third party account, for safe keeping. (A third party account would be something like an account set up with your ISP, or perhaps Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail, etc.)


Additionally, if you are already hosting with Portfoliositez, and need to change your domain name for any reason, you will want to take this same precaution, as any existing emails associated with the current domain WILL BE irretrievably lost once the domain name is changed.


If you are having issues with your new Webmail account, please review some of these basic troubleshooting steps and topics:


Issue #1 – When I try to send a message, I get the following error:


There was an error sending your message: Failed to add recipient: [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 550, response: Verification failed for <> No Such User Here" Sender verify failed)]


Possible Solution: Make sure you are NOT accessing your Webmail via your Control Panel! You will never be able to send outgoing messages of any kind from it! Instead, you will want to use your direct link,


Issue #2 – I’m not receiving emails from my contact page:


Check! – Is the email address on your contact form (look at your sitezadmin >Edit Contact Section) both CORRECTLY ENTERED, and a valid DOMAIN based email address? (i.e.,


Check! – Has the email address entered in your contact form been CREATED within your control panel?


Check! – Are your domain nameservers correctly pointed to your new Portfoliositez server?


Check! – If you are using a forwarder to copy all messages sent to your domain based email account to a third party email application, is the forwarder correctly established?


*Also note that, if you are using a forwarder, your DOMAIN email address MUST be entered in the contact form for it to work!!*


Issue #3 – I suddenly stopped receiving my emails, or received a quota limit warning!!


The Email accounts in the Control Panel will, by default, be created with a quota of 250MB, unless you manually change it during the creation, or at some point after (BEFORE your quota is maxed out!!)


Check! – You email quota is easy to monitor via the home page of your CP. Has your quota been reached?



Possible Solution: You can access your Webmail, in this case, via the direct link, if you are able, or via the CP, and delete unneeded old emails. Once this is done, evaluate your QUOTA, and determine whether it should be increased. If you are using a forwarder, it is SO important that you regularly access your webmail and delete old messages to avoid potential issues!

As a general "Rule of Thumb", we recommend using Horde to access your email, as it tends to be the most reliable and easiest to use of the three choices :)

If you want to try it, follow these steps:

1. Log into webmail via the direct link: 

   Username: Your email address 

   Password: Whatever password YOU established when creating the account :)

2. Select "Read Mail Using Horde" button

You should now see the inbox for that particular email account :)

NOTE!! Email programs will not function correctly, if your local internet service provider is blocking your correct port # for some reason.

If your computers email program does not work , try contacting your ISP and make sure that they are not blocking the port # that you are using in your email configuration settings.

If the port number is being blocked , having your ISP unblock the port # for you, will most likely fix your email programs problems.


Issue #4 - I can SEND email, but I am not receiving any!

The most likely cause for your mailbox not being able to pick up new messages off the server is because your mailbox is full.  This can be fixed by setting your mail client to not leave messages on the server and/or deleting the messages in your webmail. You can also set your quota higher. To do this, login to your cpanel, click on email and click change quota on the email address you would like to change.

If you have made this fix and the problem persists please contact us immediately!

Issue #5 - I cannot SEND emails

If you're having trouble sending emails on port 25 (the default SMTP port), try switching your SMTP port to port 26. Most ISPs are blocking port 25 to prevent spam accross the Internet, changing your SMTP port to 26 will solve this problem. The other, probably more convenient nowdays way to send mail is authenticated SMTP on port 465.

If you are using a desktop program you can also try to set the outgoing mail server to your ISPs server. This would be the same outgoing mail server setting that you use for your ISP email address such as ''.

We know that email can be a very confusing topic, so, if you would like to , feel free to check out our Knowledgebase & Tutorials at, as they may prove to be very helpful!! :)

**This article will likely ALWAYS be under construction, as Webmail and it's issues can be an ever changing battle! So check back often, and, if YOU have a problem you think we should add for others, let us know!**

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