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You will need to setup at least 1 domain based email account  ( through your CPanel account. This is because the email entered into the contact form area of the sitezadmin *MUST* be hosted on the server for security purposes.


IMPORTANT: Your email address will not work until you have pointed your domain to our servers. This can be done by changing the nameservers registered with your domain company to the nameservers we give you in your Welcome email.




Setting up an e-mail account for your domain:


Access your Control Panel using the credentials provided in your Welcome Email. In most cases, the appropriate link for a secure connection will be


Log in using your username and password given to you in your Welcome Email.


Click on the ‘Email Accounts’ icon within the ‘Mail’  section


Fill in the e-mail name you prefer, i.e.

Select a password for this account

Select the quota, we recommend Unlimited 

**IMPORTANT NOTE** Email storage DOES impact your disc space usage, and CAN cause your quota to be exceeded!! This needs to be monitored closely, and old emails deleted regularly!

Click, ’Create Account’


You will then see the account listed below:


This is where you would change your password, email quotas, or delete accounts in the future! You can also locate your MANUAL SETTINGS by clicking on the ‘More’ button, if you plan to use 3rd party email application to access your webmail. 


**IMPORTANT NOTE** Portfoliositez CANNOT offer support for 3rd party email applications, however, we do have an article with links to various tutorials available here:


The number of email accounts included with your hosting service will vary depending on your service level. Entry level service includes ONLY 2 email accounts, whereas Standard and Premium support unlimited email addresses!




Webmail should always be accessed DIRECTLY if you are checking or sending mail. This means that you should be logged in as your email address and NOT as the default (cPanel) user. This is very important as the default account can cause issues to arise (ie: errors when sending mail out or folders created in the wrong location). And, the version of your webmail accessible from the Control Panel is NOT a fully functional version, and will NOT allow you to send messages!


We recommend using Horde to access your email, as it tends to be the most reliable and easiest to use of the three choices.


If you want to try it, follow these steps: 

1. Log into webmail via the direct link which would be

   Username: Your email address (

   Password: Whatever password YOU established when creating the account 


2. Select "Read Mail Using Horde" button


3. Click the ‘Log In’ button on the following screen.


You should now see the inbox for that particular email account!



You can learn more about Horde here:

And, if you have additional questions or concerns, please contact!


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