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Posted by Jamie on 09 September 2015 09:32 AM
************************************** UPDATE 9/9/2015 : 1a:30 p.m. MST ****************************************
The move has begun. Please do not make any changes to your sites a until we notify you that it is okay to do so. We do not have an
ETA for how long this will take but in the past these migrations are usually done over a span of 24 hours. We will update you as we
are updated from our hosting. Thank you!

Hi Everyone!

It is time for us to upgrade the server you are on! In the next couple of days we will be working on migrating your services to a new server. Migrating means we are moving your accounts from one server to another.

Reasons for the migration:

1) Increased stability – no more short drops in your connection to the server

2) Better and faster server builds – as technology changes for computers so does it change for servers. Our new servers offer faster connections and better all around service.

How this will affect you:

1) There will not be downtime for your site. We will not be migrating accounts during high traffic times and your site will remain up on the current server while the domains propagate to the new server.

2) The IP address for your server will change. The IP change will change the temp link you were given in your welcome email, if it has a series of numbers in it, it will not work. To edit your site you should be using the following formats: or

3) This IP address change will affect any third party programs you are using on our server, such as machforms or blogsites. If these stop working after the migration please make sure to contact us at and we will fix it for you. Please DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself as these changes can be difficult and often create larger issues if you do not know what you are doing.

4) ******DO NOT MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR SITE.****** If changes are made to your site during the migration they will not appear when the domains propagate to the new server and you will need to make those changes again.

We will post here when we have started the migration (will be within the next few hours), when it was finished and what your new IP address is. If you have any questions or concerns about the move, please feel free to email us at Thank you!

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