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Posted by Jen Martino on 07 December 2016 10:37 AM

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There are several things that you should do to optimize your website for search engines.


1)  Verify your website with Google.

Detailed information about verifying your website with Google can be viewed HERE

You can verify your website with Google by entering your Google Meta tag code directly into the Google Verification code area located inside the sitezadmin-Structure-Edit Seo and Meta Data section.

Another popular method used for site verification is a HTML verification file.

If you obtain a Google HTML verification file please send it to US and we will upload it to your server so it can be used to complete the site verification process.


2) Enter Meta information for your website.

It is very important to enter meta information for your website inside the sitezadmin-structure-edit SEO and Meta Data section as this information is used by search engines to locate and describe your website.

Your sites Meta information includes the following; 

- Meta Title

This is your site title that appears in the browser bar above your website.

In the site title put the #1 search query you would like to be found by as the first part. For example if you want to come up when people search Wedding Photographer in Denver, that is what you would make the first part of your site title. Then put in your name, so it will look like this Photographer in Denver Jamie Banks. Next but also in your site title you will want to put the #2 search query you would want to be found by. The entire site title would look like this, "Photographer in Denver Jamie Banks. Wedding Photography in Colorado."

- Meta Description

This is the site description that appears underneath your site title in search engine results. It should include key information like your specialty, name, and location. Phrasing this information differently from your site title works best. More information on entering a good site description can be seen HERE

- Meta Keywords

Make sure that you use your company name, location, and type of specialty (portrait photographer, etc.). It is important in the keywords not to repeat a word more than 3 times, and to start with the most popular search phrases you want to be picked up under.


3) Additional SEO tips.

These additional Seo tips are not required but they will help improve your websites search engine optimization-

- Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tracking program that can show you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your website return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money on the web. You can learn more about Google Analytics and sign up for a free account HERE

- Links

One of the biggest influences on search engine rankings is links to your website. This has been greatly refined by Google and other search engines to match content from a website that links to you with your website content. This means sites that do not have anything to do with your industry, or are all links and not much content, do not make much difference on your ranking. Sites like or a wedding registry mentioning photographers will be a much greater help with your search ranking. Whenever you have a chance to list your sites link somewhere online with a company that is related to your industry you should definitely list it. This could include giving testimonials, entering photo contents, and even facebook posts.

Blogs are also great for SEO because they are constantly submitted to google when a new post is added and they have a lot of content. If you have a blog in addition to your website try linking out to pages on your website within your blog posts whenever they are relevant.

- ALT Tags

You can enter alt tags for every gallery image inside the sitezadmin.

More information regarding Alt tags can be viewed HERE.

- Social Media

You should enter the links to your social media pages inside the sitezadmin-Design Settings-edit Icons section. Whenever you add your sites link to a social media site like FaceBook it will display a site preview image.

The OG image that is displayed on social media sites can be changed inside the sitezadmin-structure-edit SEO and Meta Data section.



Please contact us at if you have any questions!








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