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Disk Space vs. Bandwidth; what is the difference?
Posted by - NA - on 24 August 2010 04:11 PM

Disk Space vs. Bandwidth; what is the difference?

Disk Space ~ This refers to how much actual hard disk space you are allowed to occupy on the Portfoliositez servers. More often than not, the disk space allotted to you will be far in excess of what you actually need.


Email stored within your webmail account DOES contribute to the over all dosc space usage, so that should be monitored closely!

Bandwidth ~ This refers to how much data transfer Portfoliositez allots to run through your website. If, for example, the file size of your home page is 50 KB then every time someone visits or 'hits' your home page this counts as 50 KB worth of data being transferred from your website and hence you will have used up 50 KB worth of 'bandwidth'.

Disk Space & Bandwidth vary depending on the level of service:


Disk Space Limit: 250MB
Bandwidth Limit: 2500 MB


Disk Space Limit: 1000MB
Bandwidth Limit: 20,000MB


Disk Space Limit: 2000MB
Bandwidth Limit: 40,000MB

You can monitor your disc space and bandwidth usage easily, from within your cPanel:

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