If you are looking to host your website with a third party host below our the requirements for the template =)

You can use third party hosting by simply selecting the individual template on our order form. We will also need confirmation of the following following (if you have a linux hosting account with,, or you can skip this part) and we do recommend that you get this before signing up: The server must be a NON-WINDOWS server that meets the following:

PHP: upload_max_filesize must be setup to 5 MB or higher

PHP: must have calendar functions turned on

PHP: must be PHP 5 in non-safe mode

PHP: mail() function must be enabled and allowed to send email to any address

PHP: short tag support must be set to on

Must allow for htaccess file upload

Server must allow folder permissions be set to 777 through FTP and through PHP

We will also be installing the template for you on your server so we will request the following information. We recommend changing your passwords before sending for security purposes.

Connection Info:

1. FTP host

2. FTP User

3 . FTP Password

4. Hosting Control Panel URL

5. Hosting Control Panel User

6. Hosting Control Panel Password

7. We need a link to the hosting control panel so we can add the database OR the server must allow us to connect to the database remotely using a program, such as, heidi-mysql (in this case we will need the host, user, pass, and db name) .

8. Link where we can view your hosting account (domain name)

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